2021-UP CVO

$1,928.97 - $2,514.95

Build Your CVO Package For Harley-Davidson
  • Easy to use custom CVO audio package builder
  • Calculate cost by selecting different options
  • All selections are designed for motorcycle use
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HD Audio by Rockford

You bought the best system Harley has every offered in a bike.  The pinnacle bike that Harley has ever built, the CVO, and yet you are still unhappy with the audio that came with your bike. We have a package to make it sound as good as it looks. Completely plug and play so you will not void any factory warranty. We replace the stock 400W HD Audio by Rockford amplifier with a more powerful option. We then replace the front speakers with better built, louder, clearer speakers. The rear 5×7” speakers are removed and adapted to a much more capable 6×9” speaker with better bass.

This will work for factory AND dealer HD Audio by Rockford radio systems.

This package will allow you to keep your factory radio when upgrading your sound system, but it will require a flash in order to get the full potential out of your amplifier and speakers so your music will be loud and clear at any speed! We also have the option of replacing the radio with the SoundStream HDHU14+ for added sound control.

You can choose the components, but rest assured that all options were handpicked by Volunteer Audio for your exact system and bike so that your new sound system will blow you away!

In this package builder all the items are hand-picked by Volunteer Audio to sound great and to last with motorcycle use. They are all made to withstand the abuse they will get from the vibration and elements. You do not have to worry about making the wrong choice, each speaker option is the best at its price point.

You can customize the package by choosing the bike you have, the radio, the speakers. You can even add an amp if you choose to plus any extra add-ons you may decide. Our option menu is very easy to use and lets you choose what you want.