Hertz SV165NEO & SX165NEO 4 Speaker Tour Pack PKG + Plug & Play Amplifier For 2014-2023 Harley Davidson® (HSP2)

Starting at $1,666.96

Hertz 6.5″ SX165NEO & SV165NEO 6.5″ Speaker Sets + Plug & Play Amplifier + The Polarity Tester + Hertz MPG165.3 Replacement Speakers Grilles
  • 4-Speaker Factory Replacement For Harley-Davidson
  • Prewired amp so all you have to do is connect power and ground to battery and connect remote wire. All other wiring is complete.
  • Your factory radio has to be flashed using the Technoresearch programming tool – which we offer for rent!


Can you hear your factory Harley speakers loud and clear at highway speeds?

We didn’t think so…

Are you tired of blowing those factory speakers trying to be able to hear them?

Of course you are!

These issues are something we hear ALL the time at Volunteer Audio, so we have partnered with Hertz to give you a sound experience you will be blown away with! This package will allow you to keep your factory radio when upgrading your sound system, but it will require a flash in order to get the full potential and capacity out of your amplifier and speakers so your music will be loud and clear up to 100 mph!

The Volunteer Audio Stage 4 amplifier and speaker system includes the amplifier, the speaker polarity tester, and 1 set of Hertz 6.5” SX165NEO & 1 set of SV165NEO speakers to replace your factory front fairing and in add aftermarket tour-pack speaker locations, and the necessary wiring to install the aftermarket speakers without losing the integrity of the factory wiring.

This combination is a perfect match for the environment of your Harley Davidson. The prewired amplifier is a compact amplifier that is IP64 rated so you do not have to worry about moisture, and the Hertz speakers have weather-resistant cones that will stand up to any moisture that comes their way.

When we send out this Stage 4 package, the amplifier is pre-wired to plug into your factory radio and keep your factory speaker wiring intact so it can be used with the Hertz speakers we send. We have the amp gains already set to the maximum setting for loudness WITHOUT distortion of the speakers. We do not want any trouble with blown speakers you’ve had enough of that already, so our goal is to get the most sound out of the speakers clearly. Once you plug into the factory radio the power and ground wires that are attached to the amp will have to be ran to the battery and connected, you will also install the fuse in the fuse block that is included in the wiring.

This Stage 4 kit is next step to your dream audio system for your Harley. We also have Stage 6, Stage 8 and even Stage 10 speaker packages! Whether you would like to enjoy music while out riding through the country or compete in sound competitions we have the package that is just for you!

If you will be adding rear 6×9″ speakers to saddlebags and have factory tourpack speakers, we need to know because the amp needs a backbone connector in the bike to connect to for the 6×9″ speakers. 


Vehicle Information

• 2014-2023 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide :
• 2014-2023 Harley-Davidson Street Glide :
• 2014-2023 Harley-Davidson Ultra :
• 2014-2023 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide :

Additional information

Weight 16.6 lbs
Dimensions 15.25 × 8.00 × 3.75 in