Infinity 6.5″ KAPPAPERFECT600X & 6×9″ KAPPAPERFECT900X 4-Speaker Replacement + SoundStream HDHU14Si Radio & Plug & Play Amp For 2014-2020 Harley Davidson® CVO Ultra Limited With Boom 2

Starting at $3,312.85

Infinity 6.5″ KAPPAPERFECT600X & 6×9″ KAPPAPERFECT900X Speakers + Hertz Replacement Grilles + American Hardbag Adapters + Prewired Amplifier + SoundStream HDHU.14Si Radio + The Polarity Tester
  • 4-Speaker Factory Replacement For Harley Davidson® Road Glide
  • Prewired amp so all you have to do it connect power and ground to battery and connect remote wire. All other wiring is complete.
  • SoundStream HDHU.14Si Radio Retains Thumb Controls



Boom Stage 1 – Comes mostly on bikes with factory tour pack speakers, you will have a total of 4 speakers and 1 amplifier. You will also be able to tell by the speakers only having one positive and one negative connection. Having Boom Stage 1 you can change only the amplifier and leave the factory speakers.

Boom Stage 2 – Comes mostly on bikes with factory saddlebag speakers, there will normally be a total of 6 speakers (uppers, lowers and saddlebag) with 3 amplifiers or 4 speakers (uppers and saddlebag) with 2 amplifiers. Each speaker will also have a total of 4 connections; the tweeter and the woofer are both wired to the amplifiers with separate connections. Having Boom Stage 2 you will have to change the amplifier and the speakers at the same time.

This Volunteer Audio Boom Stage 2 plug & play amplifier and speaker package includes the prewired amp, the speaker polarity tester, 1 set of 6.5″ SX165NEO speakers with a set of Hertz HSGSG replacement grilles to replace your factory front fairing, 1 set of 6×9″ SX690NEO speakers with American Hardbag adapters for your lid speakers. All necessary wiring is included in the package, you will not need any other wiring or hardware to complete this installation.

The American Hardbag adapters included in this package are for Harley Davidson® motorycycles WITH power lid locks.

Product Features:


  HDHU.14si model lets you gain/retain factory features you’d otherwise lose when installing a different headunit. Check out your hog’s Engine Performance and Monitor Data such as; Tire Pressure, Battery Voltage, Dual-Function Handlebar Controls, Track Pack Gauges, and the ability to turn on Factory Amplifiers for CVO, Boom 1, and Boom 2 Systems.

External Module Required for HDHU.14si


-Android Auto


-Handlebar Controls Interface Read

-Plug & Play Wiring harness

-IPx5 Waterproof Faceplate

-4-Volt RCA Audio Output


Vehicle Information

• 2014-2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide :
• 2014-2020 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide :

Additional information

Dimensions 15.25 × 8.00 × 3.75 in