Hertz – MP250D4.3



10 Inch Subwoofer
  • 1200W Peak 600W RMS Power Output
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • More Features!

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Subwoofer Features

Hertz MP250D4.3 Subwoofer

Subwoofer Features

HERTZ – MP250D4.3

Outstanding performance in a compact size, this is the target of Mille Pro car audio subwoofers. On the strength of its know-how acquired with Mille Legend, the R&D team has optimized the production process to offer the “Hertz Sound Experience” to a wider audience using part of the technologies and materials of the flagship line.  The MP 250 D4.3 cone is made by pressing paper pulp with the injection of mineral powders, the same construction technique used for Legend. The V-cone® profile increases rigidity, allowing the cone to function like a piston. Surround materials consist of high-purity IIR-butyl rubber. Like the Legend ML2000.3 and ML2500.3, the Mille PRO subwoofers are built with Boundary Free Surround technology allowing for a greater emission surface with equal diameter, generating higher sound pressure. The compact 6-spoke aluminum alloy anti-resonant basket is the same as the top model ML 2500.3 and contributes to the subwoofer’s mechanical damping, being absolutely transparent to the sound.  The 65-mm 4-layer voice coil is higher than 60 mm and wound in a TIL-P former, thus delivering high linear displacement. The 4 Ω + 4 Ω DVC impedance configuration improves versatility to match any amplifier system. The air cooling and decompression system avoids the need for a centre hole on the bottom plate with three advantages:

Better thermal inertia to ensure low operating temperatures during musical transients;
Maximization of the magnetic field induced to the coil with the same overall motor dimensions. Thanks to a greater amount of iron in the pole the likelihood of magnetic saturation decreases exploiting the maximum flux density generated from the magnet;
– Possibility to install the subwoofer right on the box wall, taking full advantage of its minimal dimensions. A damping rubber disk, provided with the product, secures the subwoofer to the box and ensures air exchange for the 10 vents on the bottom.

The holes behind the voice coil winding and the 10 vents on the bottom plate ensure greater air exchange to the coil inner layers and work in synergy with an innovative assembly system. It forces the air to pass through the air gap to keep the coil operating temperature low, even with the most extreme musical programs. The terminal uses solid push connectors with an antishort circuit cover accepting cables up to 8 AWG to provide ultra-low wiring resistance in low impedance configurations (1ohm).

Subwoofer Specifications

Hertz MP250D4.3 Subwoofer
Voice Coil Dual
DC Resistance (Ω) 4 & 8 ohm (selectable) (Ω)
Peak Power (Watts) 1200W
Continuous Power (RMS) 600W
Sensitivity 83.5dB
Effective Frequency Range N/A
Cone Material Paper
Surround Material Butyl Rubber
X-MAX 17
Thiele/Small Parameters
Resonance Frequency (Fs) 27Hz
Mechanical Q Factor (Qms) 5.8
Electrical Q Factor (Qes) .53
Total Q Factor (Qts) .5
Port Information N/A
Free Air No
Recomended Box Volume Sealed 0.6 cu ft
Recomended Box Volume ported .78 cu ft
Mounting Hole Diameter 9-1/4″
Top Mount Depth 5-9/16″
Bottom Mount Depth N/A
Weight 19.95
Grille No
Warranty 2 Year

Vehicle Information

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Weight 19.95 lbs
Dimensions 15.00 × 12.75 × 7.50 in