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Speaker Features

JBL UB4100BLK Powersports Speaker

Speaker Features


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Powerful performance companion for your active lifestyle.

Legendary JBL pro and home audio performance is now available for the great outdoors. The new JBL STADIUM UB4100 AMPLIFIED Powersports Soundbar is designed for UTVs, boats and other personal and family vehicles built for fun and recreation. Take the wheel or helm and experience the sound of powerful JBL rollicking sound. (Try 105 dB at fifteen feet!) It’s also equipped with a super flexible mounting system that fits any size roll cage and will take a 10G shock and stay put. You can also separate the soundbar into two speaker towers to optimize sound quality for any installation. Bluetooth, 3.5mm and RCA output jacks allow you and your friends to take turns streaming playlists. There’s a GoPro shoe for an action camera to share your finest moments—like how you look when you hit your first hole in one. With a glowing red LED output display and ambient lighting, you’re in the cockpit ready to do things you’ve never done before—be it on land, sea or a long green fairway.

Full-Range Separable Speaker System

The high performance speaker array consists of a pair of 4″ long excursion mid/woofers and one high output tweeter per channel. The STADIUM UB4100 can also be separated into two speaker towers utilizing the optional Harman SK-300 separation kit which includes a 10′ (3m) bridge umbilical cable and rear and bottom filler plates.

Flexible Placement

A versatile mounting system with universal mounting clamps, inserts, and quick release brackets offers easy installation and multi-mounting options—that includes pontoon boats!

Detachable Remote BT

A detachable RF remote gives you full control over your music wherever you are without having to aim the remote at the Soundbar and worrying about the sunlight washing you out!

Class D Amplifier with Multi-Inputs

The high-efficiency Class D amplifier with 80W rms per channel is equipped with Bluetooth, 3.5mm and RCA inputs and includes intelligent priority switching, greatly simplifying the user interface by completely eliminating manual source selection. The 3.5mm jack overrides Bluetooth, which overrides the RCA inputs. Simple and efficient!

Party Mode

This provides simultaneous connection of up to three Bluetooth devices—while playing music from one device at a time. Audio will stream from the device most recently selected and pause other AVRCP-compatible devices. Share playlists with three of your closest friends.

Outstanding Display and Appearance

Aside from being an impressive looking product, the STADIUM UB4100 is also weatherproof with an IPx6 rating. A glowing red LED display across the front panel flashes in time with the music. And dual-level LED down lighting makes a perfect work light for reading maps or executing other on-the-move tasks.

Audio Output

Two channel full-range L & R outputs enable you to expand the sound system with additional components such as a powered subwoofer or amplifier.

Power/Protection LED

Power/protection LED flashes when amplifier shuts down due to overcurrent, overvolt, overtemp, or DC offset.

Micro USB

A micro USB connection is provided to future proof the STADIUM UB4100 with software updates.

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Speaker Specifications


JBL UB4100BLK Powersports Speaker

Speaker Design
Woofer Woofer Size
Woofer Cone Material
Woofer Surround Material
Midrange Mid Size
Tweeter Tweeter Size
Tweeter Dome Material
Tweeter Design
Super Tweeter Super Tweeter Size
Super Tweeter Dome Material
DC Resistance (Ω) (Ω)
Peak Power (Watts)
Continuous Power (RMS)
Effective Frequency Range
Mounting Hole Diameter (0.00 mm)
Top Mount Depth
Bottom Mount Depth
Grille No
Warranty 1 Year

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