Kenwood STZ-RFCC300 Extension cable for STZ-RF200WD dual-camera system (9.9 feet) [ STZ RFCC300 ][ STZRFCC300 ]



  • 9.9 Feet Long
  • extends the cable for one camera
  • warranty: 1 year
  • More Features!

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For larger vehicles

Kenwood includes 6.6′ video cables to connect the cameras included in the STZ-RF200WD system to the main module. If one of your cameras requires a longer cable, use this proprietary video cable extension and choose the length you need.

Product highlights:

  • video cable extension for Kenwood’s STZ-RF200WD dual-camera system
  • extends the cable for one camera
  • 9.9 feet long
  • warranty: 1 year

Compatibility: The Kenwood STZ-RFCC300 extension cable is designed specifically for use with the Kenwood STZ-RF200WD Motorsports Camera Kit (sold separately), letting you extend one of the kit’s camera cables by 9.9′ when installing on larger motorsports vehicles. The heavy-duty cable is designed for all-weather use, with a rubberized outer jacket and locking 4-pin connectors on each end.

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