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March 14, 2017

The {websitetitle[1]} amplifier retention car stereo wiring harness plugs into your factory wiring for the installation of an aftermarket radio. This harness is used for the retention of the factory integrated amplifier and is EIA color coded to match most aftermarket radios.

Please verify your vehicle’s original sound system specifications before purchasing your harness.

Wire Color Codes
The color codes used on this car stereo connector harness conform to the EIA (Electronics Industry Association) standard. Depending on the radio manufacturer, connector harness colors may differ from the factory wiring colors found on your stereo. Always refer to your stereo’s owner’s manual for specific wiring details before making any connections.

EIA Color Code Connections


12V Battery / Constant


12V Ignition / Switched


Chassis Ground

Black / White

Factory Amplifier Ground


Power Antenna / Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On

Blue / White

Factory Amplifier Remote Turn On


Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination

Orange / White

Dash Light Dimmer / Illumination

Orange / Black

Dash Light Dimmer Ground / Illumination Ground


Mute / Not Used


Left Front Speaker (+)

White / Black

Left Front Speaker (-)


Right Front Speaker (+)

Gray / Black

Right Front Speaker (-)


Left Rear Speaker (+)

Green / Black

Left Rear Speaker (-)


Right Rear Speaker (+)

Purple / Black

Right Rear Speaker (-)

RCA Color Codes

White RCA

Left Front Speaker

Gray RCA

Right Front Speaker

Green RCA

Left Rear Speaker

Purple RCA

Right Rear Speaker

Red / White combinations


Right input

White RCA

Left input


Yellow RCA


Additional Notes:

Cap and insulate all unused wires individually to prevent short circuits.

This wiring harness may not include all wire colors listed above.

We also sell complete install packages (radios, speakers, etc.) that ensure you get every major component you need to make your purchase and installation as quick and easy as possible. Please feel free to contact customer service with any install/package questions at 1-844-30AUDIO, Ext.1.

NOTE: We advise that you retain all factory screws or other fasteners when removing the factory radio as these may be needed when installing your new aftermarket stereo system. Depending upon vehicle configuration other fasteners may be required.