Sony – XM-GS6DSP



Amplifier W/ DSP
  • 1500W Maximum Power with 400W RMS
  • Best Frequency Response 20-20k Hz
  • High-Pass Slope (dB/octave) 12 dB/octave
  • More Features!

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Product Description





Supercharging your car audio, behind the scenes

This powerful class-D amplifier boosts the sound of your factory-fitted car stereo, without changing the look of your dashboard.

6-channel class-D amplifier

Transform in-car sound with up to 780W RMS (1500 W max) of total power. DSP with 4.1-channel time alignment

DSP with 4.1-channel time alignment

  • Control speaker setup, time alignment and sound settings.
  • Bluetooth® with Sony I Music Center
  • Customized sound with app control
  • Personalize from your smartphone using Sony I Music Center.

Time Alignment optimizes sound for every seat

Wherever you sit in your car, you’ll be closer to some speakers than others, which affects how the music sounds. Time Alignment re-calibrates the signal so you’re always in the correct sound field for a more natural listening experience.

Customization at your fingertips

Pair your smartphone with the XM-GS6DSP and take charge of the sound. Adjust equalizer and speaker settings, volume levels and fader controls from the comfort of your seat with a simple touch of your smartphone screen.

Stream the music you love

Unleash your tracks and playlists. Stream music to your car stereo from all of your favorite apps with BLUETOOTH® wireless connection.

Power meets precision

With 6 channels of class-D amplification, the XM-GS6DSP drives a variety of speaker configurations. Fill your car with 45 W x 4 (4 Ω) of clean and dynamic sound plus 600 W (2 Ω bridged) of subwoofer power. All from a compact amp, with minimal interference for audio that’s crystal clear, even at its loudest.

Premium components

High-quality electrolytic capacitors at power input and output stages provide responsive bass. Premium inductors with low resistance OFC wire cut RF noise for a rich, lively sound.

Aluminum case

A sturdy, heat sink-integrated aluminum case protects the amp during your drive, preventing unwanted vibrations so music stays stable and true.

Low and high pass filters

Highly customizable low and high pass filters can be applied across the system, allowing you to drive component high frequency tweeters and subwoofers, plus everything in between, all from the same amp.

Precision meets versatility

Install your amp under a seat or in the boot, then connect to your existing car radio. Select from a variety of speaker configurations to complete your new audio system, with easy set up to drive subwoofers and component speakers, as well as regular coaxial speakers.

NOTE: Recommended for a pre-installed radio with its own time alignment function, connected through a high level input. Front component 3-way speaker system.

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Weight 5.75 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 11.00 × 4.25 in

Min Impedance Unbridged

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